March 21, 2023

Another Up-Coming Show in Melbourne

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It’s been a while since I wrote the last blog…but from now on, I will try to inform you guys of√Ǭ†art show info, remarkable artists,√Ǭ†a few fashions and some Japanese weirdness, as well as stuff I find interesting. No sleep to Blogging…!

Anyway’s, I’m pleased to inform that I have another show coming up in Melbourne, Australia. If you have any friends over there, please let them know. Here is the show info.

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An exhibtion of international stencil art. With works by Loomit, Evol, Smatik, Boxi, Klingatron, Kenji Nakayama, Fremantle, Czarnobyl, Logan Hicks, Martin Whatson, Stormie, HaHa, ADi, Die Laughing Collective, Ralf Kempken, Rebecca Wetzler, Creepy and Yok.
Visit for more info.

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