February 1, 2023

Proletariat Travel: Wasatch National Forest, Utah

This weekend Leslie and I decided we were tired of the hot weather and we needed to see some nature, so we headed an hour and a half east of SLC to the Wasatch National Forest. The Wasatch National Forest sits at an elevation of 10,700 feet, right at the timberline. This means A.there are bears B. there are Mountain Goats C. it’s below freezing at night D. there’s no toilets or electricity E.Leslie and I are very adventurous and never prepared. One of our sleeping bags was free from Pabst Blue Ribbon, our tent is a summer tent that I got from credit card points, and my Jeep does not have a spare tire or a jack. Anyways, the W.N.F. is cool for a number of reasons. #1 You can camp anywhere you want. You want to camp at a campground with facilities? They have that You want to drive your 4×4 deep into the woods and set up your own camp? That’s what we did. And it only cost us $6 for 3 days.

You can grab an off-road vehicle trail map at the entrance when you pay your park fee. Trails go from dirt to extreme. Leslie and I spent an hour only traveling 4 miles over rocks that ranged from cantaloupes to basketballs. I DO NOT recommend doing this without a spare tire as punctures happen easily and often. We had a few stream crossings as well, so make sure your vehicle has decent ground clearance. (Our Jeep is running 33’s with a 4″ lift and we spent the majority of time in 4-low)

We ended up finding this great spot at the end of a mountain. Someone had been there before and left a makeshift fire pit and there were miles of dead Aspens that we picked up and used as firewood.

Hiking is one thing you can do in the W.N.F., and Chuck Taylors are the worst shoes you can do it in!

It’s pretty cool to see nature so unspoiled that a tree falls and rots without ever being disturbed.

Fishing in the Wasatch National Forest seems to be everyone’s favorite past time, and I saw mad dudes pulling out fish by the bucket load! I of course am the worst fisherman in the world and the first fish I caught pulled my reel off of my pole and I watched it drop into the water. Thanks China!

All said and done, it’s pretty cool to have all this within an hour and a half drive of home and nothing makes you appreciate a shower and your bed like sleeping in a tent all weekend.

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