March 21, 2023

WordPress 101

√Ǭ†I am trying out this new (to me) software for the blog. The old blog setup was html which meant I was always having to make new pages and frankly I would rather spend my time drawing or watching old Facts of Life reruns then doing html. So, I have 3 other contributors that will be posting directly to this blog…if and when they can figure out how to use the software. It’s easy, but even I am a little slow, so we will see how this works out.√Ǭ†

The first contributor is Snackman.



√Ǭ†If you’ve been sleeping he has been blogging from Germany for me for a few months now and shows us what it is like to live in the land of chocolate and beer, fast cars, and female swimmers. After a few posts from Snackman, I think you will see why Germans LOVE David Hasselhoff.



Next up we have Kenji Nakayama, probably the fastest selling up-and-comer in the Boston art scene. Kenji’s photo-realistic stencils have quadrupled in price in the past year and have sold out in Boston, NYC, London, and now Australia.


Finally, we have the playboy of the group, my man, Joe. Joe is in the music biz, managing bands and working for a major label in NYC. Joe should provide us with mad pictures of scene chicks making bad decisions, as well as many pictures of his Ken doll-esque hair. And if you are new to this school, I am Kerry. I’m the guy who will take your lunch money, buy some aspirin, wrap it up in tin foil and sell it back to you as E. Thanks for reading our site on the company dime.

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