February 8, 2023



Proletariat is an American clothing brand established in 2004, headquartered in SLC.


Joe is a New York City based music industry professional. Kerry, Joe and Justin are the founding members of TTHU who all met through PROLETARIAT in Boston, MA.

Big Jus

BIGJUS is a local Boston legend and sought out “GOD” with many practices and many followers, kinda

KC Russell

I didn’t excel at writing or drawing, so I adopted photography to help me document my surroundings. I primarily photograph graffiti and the ephemeral.


ALPH was once sent to the principle’s office in grade school for drawing on the walls during art class, not much has changed.


Skript is a Boston artist who cuts shapes out of paper and calls it art.

Rhea Kappa

Just the girl next-door. You know, the one who leaves bags of flaming feces on your doorstep.


Working in and around the New York City area, Carl is a maker of all things. When he’s not building furniture or props, he’s digging through estate sales looking for that next great vintage find.

Stu Hill

Stu Hill is a professional marketing man from DFW writing about the things he loves – automobiles, beer, advertising and (meh)rketing.


SBoston to Oakland, graffiti, interviews, trains, photography, politics.


Choya is a technical science worker at MIT by day and runs a small clothing company (KromaQee) solo by night. His native south runs through his veins as can be seen through his discerning taste in 90’s Southern Bass music.

Matthew Zaremba

A multimedia artist and a member of the Project SF collective, currently residing in Cambridge, MA. You can stay up to date with his creative endeavors at MatthewZaremba.com

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