February 8, 2023
1996 Ford Bronco Review

1996 Ford Bronco Review #Dopewhips

1996 Ford Bronco Review

It’s no secret that I love just about anything with a motor. I also have a penchant for finding really fun and cool cars on a budget. This brings me to my 1996 Ford Bronco. It was the last year of the Bronco, a model that was in the Ford Family since 1966. This vehicle was made famous by OJ Simpson, when he led police on a very long chase after allegedly killing his wife. But most importantly it was the last of a dying breed, the fullsize 2 door SUV.

I picked my Bronco up at an auction earlier this year. It only had 75,000 miles on it and was a city vehicle with a revolving yellow light on top. I quickly removed the light and replaced it with a lightbar as well as tinted the hell out of the windows and put some used 31×10.5″ BF Goodrich all-terrains on it. All in I have about $3800 in this car. It has a few dents and scrapes, a droopy bumper, and some viynl decal residue but it runs like a champ.

Ford Bronco Review

The 5.8L V8 sounds like it is going to suck the asphalt off the Earth. There is more fan sound than exhaust sound and only on a very cold day does the fan shut down and you realize what a The Bronco gets an average of 10 miles per gallon, and has a very slow 0-60mph time, but I am assuming it could easily pull a large boat or trailer all day long.

What I love about the Bronco is it’s sheer size inside and out. Inside I have 2 bench seats that can easily fit 6 adults. It has a fold and tumble rear seat that allows me on many runs to the Home Depot to stock up on plywood, drywall, and many 2×4’s with ease. For a 6’5″ guy like myself comfort in a vehicle is key. I love sitting high above traffic on my floaty bench seat. The A/C is ice cold even though the vehicle is pushing 18 years old. The controls are simple and the interior noise sometimes drowns out the radio…and yet, this car is an absolute pleasure to drive.

ford bronco interior

It’s rough and ready. You feel like you could go anywhere (as long as you are within 200 miles of a gas station). It looks cool as shit and has a dark history thanks to OJ. People complement you and assume you chose this car because you wanted it not because you needed a cheap whip. The 4×4 system is more than capable and the truck is easy to work on. And, in the summer you can remove the rear fiberglass top and have open air cruising.

If you need a big vehicle to haul lots of stuff or passengers, prefer 4wd, and want to sit high above the crowd check out a used Ford Bronco. It’s definitely a #dopewhip

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