March 25, 2023
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Babes of eBay Motors

There are two things in this world that I know about and I’d like to show you where they intersect.

1. I know cars.  I’m getting close to my 10,000 on reading about the great automobile.

2. I know marketing.  I study it.  I work in the marketing world.  I know a few things.

On eBay Motors these two passions of mine come together when some genius inserts a lady into the photos of the vehicle he’s trying to sell.  This is brilliant move in marketing.  I’ve always been entertained by these listings and after a quick search on eBay motors today I thought I’d bring you a curated list of my favorites.  Please enjoy the photos below and the commentary that I’m sure the model said at some point during the shoot.

“OMG that’s a jet!  I love flying.”

“Even I know this color combo sucks.”

“So, a Viper is like a snake, gross. I have to pee.”

“If I do 1000 more of these gigs I’ll finally pay off these tattoos.”

“If I only would have studied harder in school.”


2 thoughts on “Babes of eBay Motors

  1. ha ha this post is awesome! “If I do 1000 more of these gigs I’ll finally pay off these tattoos.”

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