December 5, 2022

The Cars of Marfa, TX

Greetings from West Texas.  In an effort to escape DFW, my lady friend and I are spending a few days roaming around Big Bend country in Texas.  Yesterday we stopped in the hipster-paradise of Marfa, TX and I fell in love with every other car the city had to offer.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Mercedes Wagon

















AMC Ambassador SST

















Karmann Ghia


















Land Rover Series III (Or Series II, maybe? How the hell does anyone tell?)

















Plymouth Valiant

















International Harvester Travelall

















Jeep CJ5

















Jeep Gladiator J2000

















Dodge Colt (For Sale)


3 thoughts on “The Cars of Marfa, TX

  1. Yeah, there were plenty of weird Food Shark cars around town. That guy has great taste. Turns out that the International was also a Food Shark at one time. If he could just get his hands on that sweet ass Dodge Colt, he would have my eternal respect.

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