February 1, 2023

Edward Snowden’s Dad refuses to help FBI


Spoken like a true father, Lon Snowden said this about his son Edward.

“As a father it pains me what he did,” Snowden said. “I wish my son could simply have sat in Hawaii and taken the big paycheck, lived with his beautiful girlfriend and enjoyed paradise. But as an American citizen, I am absolutely thankful for what he did.”

He also said: “If he comes back to the United States, he is going to be treated horribly. He is going to be thrown into a hole. He is not going to be allowed to speak.”

Lon Snowden is ex-Coast Guard. Not the kind of guy who would usually be pro-leaking, and yet he supports his son, not because he is his son but because his son did the just and right thing. Lon Snowden will likely never see his son again, and I hope Edward knows how proud his pop is of him, I hope Edward knows how proud a lot of us are of him. You can read more about Lon over at The Guardian.

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