February 1, 2023

Proletariat Graffiti Shop – Kingpen ESCOBAR Gang Buy!


Ok, so here’s how this works. For the next 7 days you can participate in the Kingpen Escobar gang buy. Buy 1 or as many Kingpens as you’d like. The more people buy the lower the price drops for everyone. Everyone will pay $8.99 per marker up front, however after the 7 days is up I will tally the total amount of Kingpen’s sold. Then I will go into the computer and manually change everyone’s price to reflect the new price per marker and then I will ship them out. So here’s the price breakdown. 1-3 sold in the week, price stays $8.99 per marker. 4-10 sold this week…price drops to $7.99 per marker. 11-20 sold this week, price goes to $6.99 per marker. And if we sell 20+, everyone pays $5.99 per marker. Get it? post questions here and tell your friends so everyone gets the cheapest price! Buy now!

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