June 9, 2023

ebay motors: other makes
















I enjoy trolling ebay Motors from time to time, but I get a special kick of scrolling through the cars in the “other makes” section of ebay motors. This designation means ebay motors has deemed these cars so insignificant, so confusing, and so unsalable they are sent to the bottom of the barrell – other makes. Here you’ll find a multitude of Morris Minors, a plethora of Panoz models, a handful of Hudsons, the occasional Amphicar and a surprising amount of Sunbeams.

Today, from the depths of Other Makes, I present you with a minivan with a maximum amount of attitude. Winter is upon us and while your idiot friends think their AWD Audi will suffice, you could be cruising in an awesome (but probably not street legal) tank tracked Astrovan for only $35,000. And while $35,000 is expensive to everyone who isn’t Mitt Romney, it is a small price to pay for your snowy safety during the upcoming apocalypse and nuclear winter that is sure to follow.

Get your bids in now because there are only 5 days left before this Track-strovan falls hilariously short of that $35,000 “Buy It Now” price and gets reposted for way less. No offense to the person posting this listing, I love it, but I fear the tank tracked Astrovan market is still recovering from the recession.


One thought on “ebay motors: other makes

  1. you would think after dropping $1,000’s on this conversion that the dude would at least give it a dope paint job

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