March 23, 2023

Virginia Governor wants opposite of gas guzzler tax

This is a step in the wrong fucking direction. This just proves how A. one sided some assholes in this world think B. how much our politicians are owned by large corporations C. why you need to call your congressmen on the daily and tell them how fucking retarded they are. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has this problem that people in his state are buying green hybrid vehicles and now he is losing revenue on on the state’s gas tax, so in order to raise more money he wants to charge these people $100 a year for using less gas. You sir are an idiot. Why not charge the people who buy new non-hybrid cars an extra $100 a year? It’s funny that the Federal government gives you thousands of dollars in tax breaks for buying a hybrid and this idiot is trying to penalize folks for doing the right thing. There are so many ways to make money in this world and to me this is proof positive that he has been bought and sold by big oil.

2 thoughts on “Virginia Governor wants opposite of gas guzzler tax

  1. You can not really save money without really improving the
    efficiency of the society as a whole.
    Anything else is gimmicks to redistribute or hide cost.

    “The fuel tax also acts as an incentive to buy vehicles
    with greater fuel efficiency (a national objective) and to drive less (and
    hence reduce pollution and congestion).”
    – and reduce cost.

    When I have lower demand because of driving Prius I
    contribute to lowering the total demand of the society, and hence I contribute
    to lowering the gasoline prices for everybody else!

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