March 21, 2023

Anonymous Creates a Digital Warhead!

Whoa, Anonymous is back and pissed the fuck off! As a retaliation for Aaron Swartz, as well as the arrests of many fellow Anonymous members, as well as a preliminary strike for all of the misuses of power, Anonymous has created a “digital warhead” a packet of files entitled Scalia.Warhead1 (150 MB), Kennedy.Warhead1 (108 MB), Thomas.Warhead1 (150 MB), Ginsburg.Warhead1 (150 MB), Breyer.Warhead1 (150 MB), Roberts.Warhead1 (23 MB), Alito.Warhead1 (150 MB), Sotomayor.Warhead1 (101 MB) and Kagan.Warhead1 (133 MB). These files can be downloaded off another one of America’s most wanted’s websites The Pirate Bay. Anonymous has threatened to release the keycode to these files if their desires are not met, and since the USA usually doesn’t mess with “terrorists” which I am sure they have put Anonymous in that category, I am positive we will be seeing the contents of these files very soon. Own a piece of history and download the files here, for free.

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