December 7, 2022

Year-round Metal Enjoyment Fundraiser

Last year we featured a trailer for an upcoming documentary by Mint Films titled ‘Year-round Metal Enjoyment’ about New England’s freight scene. Funded entirely out-of-pocket, Mint Films is now reaching out to those who are interested in seeing this movie through post-production and to finalize this beautiful and exclusive documentary film.

Following numerous freight train graffiti artists like JURNE, ICHABOD, MES just to name a few, Year-round Metal Enjoyment explores the Northeast’s many ties to the railroad world. With over two years of footage, more than a dozen interviews from artists, railfans and workers, Mint Films gives an in-depth look into this obscure and elusive world.

This is Mint Film’s first full-length documentary and there is a staggering amount of work that goes into post-production. Campaigns like this ask from around $12,000 to $300,000. Mint Films are looking to raise $9,000 for assistance with scoring, color correction and other digital post-production work. All of these positions come from New England-based professionals, so any money you donate will go directly into assisting small media businesses.

If you are unable to contribute financially here’s what you can do:

  • Share it with your friends! If you know of anyone who might be interested in seeing this amazing film completed, let them know where to donate!
  • Use the buttons at the top of this page to promote the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  •  If the film comes to your city, come see it and us! We’ll be happy to meet you and talk about the film.


Your contributions are needed to complete this film on time. Without assistance it could take years to release so please check out the website and spread the word!

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