February 3, 2023

weknowwhatyouredoing.com – trouble in facebook paradise

This to me is a silver lining on the shit show that has become the internet generation. (no offense to 50% of our readers) Here’s the deal. There used to be this thing called privacy. It kind of ran hand in hand with dignity. It was before bragging was normal and when reality tv was real. This website, weknowwhatyouredoing.com, exposes the fact that you have sold out your privacy and that may or may not negatively affect your life. I have nothing against people saying their boss is a douche or smoking a jay, but broadcasting it to everyone is reckless and it could be used against you. I hope the younger generation realizes that e-friendships aren’t real and e-friends don’t help you move, don’t call you or take you out on your birthday, and only show off the stuff in their lives that they want to share. Why the fuck have we decided that a LOSER who couldn’t get into a LOSER frat at Harvard is the man who should dictate how to make lasting relationships? I’m drunk right now and instead of telling you on facebook I am telling you here. And if you want to know more about my drunkeness you can email me or call me 🙂

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