December 7, 2022

Here be strippers – DIPLO Set It Off Video

Hey world, Rhea here.  Welcome to my deranged and decrepit corner of the internet!  Just kidding, I already have a Facebook.

A little about me… I enjoy black licorice, cats, string cheese, snow, and black lipliner with no lipstick. I miss Flavor of Love: Charm School and I often wonder what Sisqo is up to.  I’m forever addicted to the internet but my laptop hasn’t worked for 10 months.  Since I’m a lazy ho I haven’t gotten it fixed so I just use my phone for everything.  That thing gets so hot after a while… I’m surprised nobody has confronted me about the suspicious crackpipe-looking burns on my fingers.

Now here is a video for one of my favorite songs as of late.  The only girl I can relate to in the video is the one who turns into a skeleton while dancing, because it makes me feel better about being electrocuted while trying to get my sexy on.  Oops!  Forgot to put that in my bio. 

Another fun fact about this song/video: I went to Alphabet Soup’s fiancee’s bachelorette party this weekend (things got sucio) and she mentioned that AS really wanted to post this.  Guess what?  I had already posted it on Facebook, and he thought of it after me.  We were gonna have a battle royale but I got here first.  Those are just the laws of the internet.  Suck it, AS!  Just kidding, please don’t hurt me

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube]

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