May 28, 2023

Adam Sandler Sings Halleluja – 121212 Concert Video

Sandler has made some questionable movie choices as of late but he will always be one of my favorite comedians. His rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Halleluja was by far the best performance of the 12/12/12 Sandy Relief concert. I’m sure this video will get pulled from YouTube soon so watch it now!

While I was watching parts of this concert I wondered if this is a dying way to raise money. It doesn’t appeal to me in the least bit. In fact, the overplaying of the so-called godfathers of rock in roll is the reason I have never bought a Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, or Rolling Stones cd/mp3/cassette. They are all completely fucked out. Is it just me or do none of you want to watch a AARP member gyrating on stage with some guitarists rocking Miley Cyrus’s Dad’s haircut? Look, I know the money goes to a good cause (minus expenses of course), but how about you make your target demographic a little less obvious next time. You know a family could listen to a song by Sting and then a song by Gotye. Old and new, everyone’s happy. Anyways, just donate money to a charity of your choice or volunteer; I guess that’s the fucking point here.

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