June 6, 2023

3 Things you Have to put in your mouth!

You ever shove a lime wedge into your Corona and then take a swig and all you get is lime juice and your mouth puckers and then the rest of your beer is limeless? Well, NO MORE my friend. This is how classy dudes infuse their Corona’s with the perfect amount of limeage. The Sombrero Juicer allows you to juice up your beer or sparkling water with a perfect pulpless spritz! A must have for the beverage connoisseur.

I’m not gonna lie, I love a good dip every once in a while. It’s a nasty habit that can easily lead to cancer and I’m always on the lookout for an alternative. Today I found Grinds Coffee Pouches . Grinds are like Snus, little pouches filled with moist, flavored coffee grinds. They don’t contain tobacco but are said to create that familiar “burn” as well as give you a tidy caffeine buzz. If you like to dip but want to save your lip you might like Grinds.

For those of you out there who have kids let me tell you something about withholding life’s little pleasures from your children. My parents NEVER let me have sugary cereals, or candy, or anything delicious when I was a kid. My after school snack was literally rice cakes with peanut butter! Anyways, now that I am an adult I find myself constantly trying to make up for my lost childhood of sugary treats, and today I hit rock bottom. I bought two bags of Cereal Marshmallows just like the ones in Lucky Charms and I plan to eat a full bowl of marshmallows for breakfast. If you share my love for dehydrated marshmallows go on and get some!

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