March 27, 2023

Skript Does | The Dominican Republic

Finally got back on that plane for an adventure, this one being a very familiar place, the Dominican Republic. I have a crap ton of family there so there was always a place to crash, a plate full of delicious food, and a cold beer on hand. This trip was filled with everything, a trip to the old city, to Santiago, family time, serious beach time, and excursions in the country.

Being of Dominican decent, this place feels like a second home. Although things move a little bit different around there. The painted lines for lanes are just a suggestion, beers are sold and opened for you at every establishment( Gas stations, drive up Bars, EVERYWHERE!), the only beer you’ll be drinking down there is Presidente, if you stay at a resort, you will be hounded by at least 20 people a day trying to sell you stuff (haggling is highly encouraged), and that there are a good amount of people who speak english.

Here are some highlights from the trip!

First up, the Old City.

This is the “street of the ladies”, where women from prosperous families would walk down this street to attend church and also it became a hang out for women to stroll up an down. It is one of the oldest streets in the Americas.


# Dope Whips


One thing that I loved that was spawned out of limited resources was that most advertisements and signs were hand painted.

Resort status, where most things are free and excursions are easily accessible. We jumped on the opportunity to go on a guided 4 wheeler tour through the countryside.

My Brother, getting huge on the ATVs!

One of the craziest things that happend on our tour was when we pulled up to this field to have a little fun on these things, all these kids started to come out of the woods. Basically they were looking for some coin and if you didn’t have that, they wanted a ride around the field. As soon as you would stop they would charge your ATV and hop on. Half of the time was spent running away from those damn kids!

Ma Lady kate!

This is what I mean…

The Younger Brother.

Made a nice little pit stop into a sugar cane field and was able to sample right from the crop! It was pretty damn tasty…

Of course you got to hit the beach and the country club….


It was a great trip filled with lasting memories. It seems like every time I go, I get something completely new out of it. Till next time DR.


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  1. Damn man, that was an EPIC post! I almost felt like I was there – I got hot and sweaty and then I had some kids pick my pockets! Great photos man, you definitely got the eye!

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