February 3, 2023

Proletariat Travel – Downtown Belfast, Northern Ireland

We headed downtown to Belfast to see the sights and sounds. First stop was the brand new Titanic Museum! This bad larry just opened and cost the city of Belfast $158,000,000 to build! We were all a little hestitant about going – what’s it gonna be like? Are we gonna have to watch that goddamn movie one more time or worse yet, will they just put this song on a loop? Good news is the museum was tastefully done and really only aimed at adults. The ship was built by Harland and Wolf in Belfast and they go into great detail on how you build a ship of that size way back when. There’s also some crazy interactive shit like a 270 degree video wall that made me sea sick it was so realistic. I’m not sure if I would fly to Belfast just to see this thing, unless I was a seagull, however, if you ever find yourself in Belfast and you don’t see it — your heart will not go on.

I’ve been visiting Belfast on and off since 1996 and while many people think of Northern Ireland as another Beirut, scenes like these are thankfully becoming rarer and rarer – no matter what Vice magazine tells you…right Phil?

Belfast has really grown up in the past 16 years. The downtown is full of shops and restuarants and of course bars and pubs, and the people are some of the nicest and friendliest in the world. When I first started visiting Belfast there was like one shop that catered to youth culture and now it is full of it – in fact Belfast has a shop that reminded me a lot of Proletariat. It’s called Loko and they sell skateboards and graff supplies. The good people at Loko gave us the lowdown on a graffiti jam and skate/bmx competition that you will definitely be seeing on a future episode of the ProSho.

After picking up some Belton and 94 at Loko, we strolled down the street catching tags and flicking graffiti. Then I saw this awesome store combination! KFC and poundworld! For those of you who haven’t ever been to the United Kingdom, Poundworld = Dollar General! Score!

Then we passed this gem! I hate to admit it to y’all because I know you will judge me but I finally bought something from Johnnie Cupcakes.

This part was super cool. After marching with the good people of SLC, blogging about our friends in Boston, recently visiting NYC and seeing the diehards holding Wall Street down, and then getting to Belfast and seeing the Bank of Ireland aka Occupy Belfast’s headquarters, I felt proud of what we have accomplished so far. It’s amazing that a small group of people can motivate and collaborate on a common cause. I hope the dialogue that was started by Occupy continues on now that the weather is getting better and after talking to many people who agree with the sentiment but can’t get behind the movement I hope there is some way we can put our asses together and take a dump on the all-seeing eye.

Thanks to my extended family and friends who made this trip another amazing one for Leslie and I. Thanks to Bob and Debbie, Lily and Olivia, A.K., Davey, “Wee Phil”, Kenny, Janine and everyone else!

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