June 8, 2023

Supreme 2012 Fall Catalog – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

As per the title, you won’t see anything here that I would call “ugly” however, I think every brand has a few hits and a few misses with every season, and even the omnipotent SUPREME isn’t immune to this. If you aren’t familiar with Supreme, I am glad. In the past 5 years or so I have watched a brand that used to be relatively unknown blow up to the point that it isn’t surprising to see a guy in Anytown, USA, rocking the famous red box logo on something. And even though the inner-hipster in me gets angry, I shouldn’t hate. Without large amounts of people buying a product a company can’t afford to constantly innovate and amaze – and that is what Supreme does best. Study this catalog front and back right now kids, because in the next few months you will see many other streetwear brands launch their new line and they will get all kinds of clout from the hype-o-sphere for being original but you and I will both know that they waited to see what Supreme was doing and then just followed the trend. So let’s get down to business. We will start with the HITS, because there are way more of those than the misses…

It’s a little Steve Zissou but I like it…

These are the kind of sweatpants that say: “Hey ladies, I have a job, and on the weekends when you wake up I might let you wear my dope sweats…”

Taking a classic and making it classy…

I can see these at a Sex Pistols reunion show or at your grandma’s Christmas dinner.

This is helping to erase all those horrible years of all over print craziness…

Comfort, classic vintage look.

I like the old system of weaving where it looks like 80’s digital printing…

Come on. Every single one of us has a janitor’s keychain. Separate the men from the boys!

Timeless. Your Dad could borrow this from you.

The split hood is a total throwback and I dig the embroidery detail.

How can you make a denim shirt better? Put a hood on it!

These is a nice take on old camo.

Canorak anyone?

After stabbing your victim you can quickly change hairstyles and evade the fuzz…

BOOM! Supreme takes a classic most commonly found in Wal-Mart and makes it ILL!!

Another one to hand down to the kiddos in 30 years.

Fuck. Big Jus and I have been talking about this for Prole for the better part of 3 years. Hats off to you Supreme.

These are a total update of some fingerless gloves you can find at the army/navy. Even down to the printing on them, but the checkers and padding really add to them.

Love the color, love the style.

And of course we have to save a little space for the misses.

Oh man, this looks like a million jerseys I dig through at the thrift shop (and don’t buy)

For a company as innovative as Supreme, I don;t think they should be allowed to put out plain tees. Let’s leave that to American Apparel.

This has Juggalo written all over it.

I had to do a double take on these because for a moment I thought Supreme was selling women’s clothing. This on a chick = hot. Dudes…

The 8-Ball collection to me was quite a shock. This just seems way too 2008. The beanie below looks like a bad knockoff from Canal Street.

Same goes for the hat. Swap meet status. Cool at $2.99, more than that you spent too much.

Even though I own a Buffalo check shirt in every color I will not be renewing this side of my wardrobe for at least 5 years. I was kind of hoping all major brands would drop this for a while.

All in all I have nothing but good things to say about Supreme’s Fall 2012 collection. Let’s see who will be the first brand to bite their style…

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