March 21, 2023

Proletariat Clothing Company – Spring/Summer 2012 – SOLD OUT!

WOW! In the past 8 years this has never happened before. We are only a week into the new line as well as the new website and we are completely sold out of every new shirt. I haven’t even gotten our online shopping cart installed and I am out of inventory! I am so happy that y’all have appreciated the new line and many of you are new customers and I appreciate your comments on why you purchased a shirt from us. The 100% American Made clothing line is very important to us as you can tell and we are glad people are willing to pay a slight premium for it and that we can all enjoy the benefits of providing American labor, safety for workers, quality of manufacturing and reinvested profits. I am placing a new order for more clothing this week and if there is any item you want I strongly suggest pre-ordering ASAP. I had no idea the tees were going to be as popular as they were, and we haven’t even sent out an email to our list or offered our garments wholesale to our affiliated stores, so if there is something you want, get on the list this week. And for those of you who I told are already on the list, have no fear, your items will be the first to ship. Thanks again for everyone’s orders and patience!


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