March 23, 2023

KromaQee Streetwear Pop Up Shop & Sale – Boston

Somehow in the jumble of streetwear something epic has been lost…the desire to rep smaller, independent brands. Maybe it’s because streetwear became a neon, polka-dotted bandwagon that every kid without a clue jumped on and is now riding towards a cliff without even knowing it. Well kids, it’s time to grow a pair and jump off that bandwagon. Streetwear is about being unique. I don’t know about you but I always find something to wear that no one else will have before any major event. The last thing I want to do is roll into a party and see you know who rocking the same gear as me. Same denim or sneakers is one thing…but same shirt and hat? Get the fuck out of here!

This is why you need to research your smaller, boutique brands. Kromaqee is a small Boston brand doing big things. It was founded by Choya, a longtime customer/friend of Proletariat. The designs are clean & fashionable, something you could wear around your girlfriend’s mom and not feel awkward a bit. They also have a dope selection of snapbacks to keep your scalp cool in this weird heat snap in the city. Best news is, this Thursday, April 19, from 7-10pm KromaQee is having a pop up shop where all their gear will be 30% OFF AND THEY HAVE FREE BEER! Head over to 58 JFK Street, the back door of Forty Winks ( a lingerie shop in Harvard Square) and get fitted. And please step up your fashion game. If I see one more fucking Supreme hat + Obey Shirt + Hundreds Denim + Nike kicks outfit I’m gonna puke.

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