March 23, 2023

It’s been a busy few days at Proletariat

So, you know when you go out drinking on a Friday and Saturday night, and then catch up on a bunch of shit on Sunday and then Monday when you get to work you are slammed with some shit and you have kind of a life hangover? Well, after not seriously working for a year and change I am feeling the burn! I’m definitely not complaining but apparently sitting on your ass with no concept of time for 15 months does not prepare you for the most insane barrage of online sales Proletariat has ever seen! Wow! I am glad you guys like the new site. I’m sorry that the paypal gateway is a piece of caca (that is espanol for doo doo), but I can say that we are less than 2 weeks away from having a secure server with 1 page ordering/checkout. A few things have sold out and many more are teetering in that direction so if you want something pull the trigger because it will take a few weeks to restock the tees. Also, if you have any questions or want something else in the online shop email me at proletariatclothingcompany (at) I miss the one to one I used to get with most of you. Finally, I will be back on my blog game ASAP – this is my online mistress.

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