March 23, 2023

Dope Fashion from a Big Box Discount Store?

I was torn on whether or not I should do this post. On the one hand, the little guy out there is trying to sell his wares, probably makes them in a more humane environment, and is probably getting ripped off somewhere in this system. On the other hand, when I was young, my parents bought all my clothes at Target, K-Mart, thrift shops, etc. and at least nowadays it’s harder to tell that the kids who get their gear at these places – get their gear at these places. Now most girls swear by Target for cool shit at a low price but I was wondering if Target was sleeping on the men’s department, so today I headed over to Target to see if there were any diamonds in the rough and here’s what I found…

Target has their sock game on point! Bananas, anchors, dinosaurs? All dope. Guys, don’t sleep on dope socks. These are the kind of touches that girls notice and think, I bet this guy has a clean penis.

Speaking of a clean penis, why are you wrapping up your best friend in some 3-year-old, loose elastic, faded grandpa underwear? You think a girl wants to see you in a crispy tee and denim and then go home with you and you bust out some underwear that looks like it came to America on the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria? Hell no! Spend $5 and get some new underoos. If you like those weird, colorful manties, they got those too.

This windbreaker was nice. It had a decent amount of padding for those cool Fall evenings…

I also dug this waffle. It wasn’t a waffle and it wasn’t a sweatshirt but I don’t know what else to call it.

Now, most of the rest of the department was just ok, with many styles leaning towards faux vintage, easy pop culture references, and dumb shit like beer pong shirts. I guess it leaned to kind of bro. Also, there’s still some terrible shit like khaki pants for middle management and golf shirts for salesmen. But, Target is trying. I just wish they would take the lead on some quality Made in the USA shit. I think it’s perfect timing for Target to start a full fledged assault on another reason we all hate Wal-Mart: outsourcing. Target if you are listening go for it! Also, that “Monster Cookie” from the Target food stand was FIRE!!!

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