March 27, 2023

On the Court | Celtics vs. Nets

I was recently invited to play on the parquet at the Garden (The Boston One) against my fellow co workers. I was able to snap some pics of the whole day…

A town DRENCHED in championships from the Celts. The banners to prove.

The supremely below average play ensued and we all worked up a good sweat.

Sitting where the players do… Courtside.

This court is HUGE compared to your neighborhood hoops.

Hitting the showers after a very soft run. But yet oddly sore after it, must be getting old…

Time to put your feet up and relax.

After we got the hook up for food, we got some ill seats to watch the Celts take on the Nets.

After a demolishing of the Nets, Gino showed off his amazing dance skills. Great way to crazy work week.


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