February 3, 2023

You should hear this from me first.

As many of you have probably heard by now, my wife is finishing her dissertation and finally after 7 years graduating with a PHD in English Lit. This was the whole reason we moved to Boston in the first place, and the reason I moved my Texas stores to Boston. I would first like to tell all of you that this has been the most fulfilling 5 years of my business and personal life and I have learned more in these 5 years than probably all of high school and college combined. The people of Boston have been nothing short of welcoming to me and I’m positive this is one of the few places in the world that a spot like Proletariat could exist. I would like to thank all of you for supporting an independent in a sea of corporations and putting up with all that entails with small biz…like me being late almost every single day! Now to the hard part. So, as some of you know I have been shopping the store around trying to find a qualified buyer to keep the tradition and spirit of Proletariat alive. It’s been tough because I want my vision to keep going and I want it to work out for you, the people who support us. Unfortunately, no one was able to take over, and I have to leave anyways so my wife can put her amazing mind and talent to work. So…and it pains me to tell you this but you would have found out either way, I am selling my lease to Hot Topik. I can’t apologize because obviously I had my reasons to do this, and most of them were financial, but I did get a contract with Hot Topik to keep selling paint and markers which they will now do through all 690 of their stores nationwide and through Puerto Rico. They will also carry skateboards and accessories in this location for the next year and will possibly phase that into the general chain by 2011. There’s not much else for me to say at this time, except I hope y’all can keep the past 5 years in your memories and not let this taint what we accomplished. I will ink the deal at the end of this month unless someone else steps up.

9 thoughts on “You should hear this from me first.

  1. finally i can get that “can’t sleep clowns will eat me” shirt i’ve been looking for

  2. it grinds my gears but its cool! gunna miss the store and the awesome heads that roll through with crazt goverment conspiracy stories! GODS SPEED!!!!!

  3. it grinds my gears but its cool! gunna miss the store and the awesome heads that roll through with crazy Goverment conspiracy stories! GODS SPEED!!!!!

    best store in the world!

  4. Do you plan on opening another store in the next place to settle?
    Btw. I think its really dope the way you support your wife. Props man.

  5. thanks guys and gals for caring…i’ll try not to ever let proletariat slip into some clown’s hands…

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