June 8, 2023

We’ve Been Drinking | Brooklyn Black Ops


Last weekend I stopped by the local liquor store and tried out a new brew, Brooklyn Black Ops. I am a big fan of the Brooklyn Brewery. They manage to make a great tasting beer at a decent price point. This beer however is $20 for 1 pint and 9.4 fluid Oz. Well worth the money. I am in no way an educated beer coneseur but I do know what I like and what tastes good. Those of you who may be thinking “$20, that’s a lot for a beer” or “you know how many cases of Pabst I could buy for that?” well… you should think again. The Black Ops packs a serious punch with an alcohol content of 11.6%. To put it into perspective most beers have between 3% to 4% alcohol content if you are lucky. If you are headed for a night out at a friends place, forget the six pack, just bring one of these for yourself. I would recommend drinking this beer out of a wide mouthed glass, wine glass or mug if you are in a bind. Technically I am not sure why, but to me it enhanced the taste and the flavor. The beer isn’t super carbonated like your average brew, it is more like a delicious dark chocolate tasting wine! Some cool facts about this beer: 1. There are only 1,000 cases of this brew available worldwide. 2. This beer is aged for four months in bourbon barrels before put into bottles. 3. Once bottled the beer is re-fermented by adding Champagne yeast. All in all this is an excellent beer with a great chocolaty taste that delivers a real punch.

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One thought on “We’ve Been Drinking | Brooklyn Black Ops

  1. Had a bottle of that a few weeks ago, it was downright amazing. I think that it was the best beer that I have had at least in the last year or two. If only it wasn’t a limited run of brew.

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