June 10, 2023

Thirsty Thursday | How to Make a Hyper Viper | Beer & Sparks!


Thirsty Thursday is a beautiful thing for all of the college students out there, for all of the slacker employees out there and for those of us who just can not wait until Friday rolls around. This Thursday try something from the vault, the HYPER VIPER! This is how you are going to make this drink rock your world. Head out to the local bodega, liquor store, your mom’s fridge, etc and pick up a King Cobra 40oz. If they do not carry King Cobra then your liquor store is probably too high brow for most of us. In that case any 40oz will do.

Next up! Throw a SPARKS energy/malt liquor drink in your shopping cart. If your liquor store does not carry sparks find another alcoholic energy drink. If alcoholic energy drinks are not legal where you live then pick up a monster energy drink or something.

Instructions: Drink half of your 40oz at a fast pace. Once half of the 40oz has gone down, poor in an entire sparks. Turn up and down once to mix well. You will now have a beverage that tastes like an Orange Julius, that will give you enough energy to run a marathon and it will get you wicked fucked up on the CHEAP!

Disclaimer: Try at your own risk. Everyone has a different tolerance.

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