June 9, 2023

The Year The Goths Stole Christmas | Versa Emerge “Santa Baby”

Wannabe goth kids Versa Emerge literally suck every ounce of Christmas Spirit out of the Ertha Kitt Christmas classic “Santa Baby”. Besides the fact that the video is nothing more than five long, dry minutes of singer Sierra Kusterbeck creepily staring into a mirror and whipping her hair around, the track itself is grueling to get through. Playful horns that appear in the original version are replaced with repetitive, hollow chimes. This cover is just cliché in all the wrong ways. Of any holiday to bastardize, why Christmas? Why not do a stone cold Halloween Cover? Even an ironically miserable Valentine’s Day song would be more fitting, but Christmas is The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…and Versa Emerge just shit all over it.

Compare Versa Emerge’s Santa Baby video with Ertha Kitt’s below:


Clearly someone wanted Khol in their stocking this year.


Ertha knew how to have a good time!

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