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American’s are all about coffee. Some like Starbucks while others prefer Dunkin. Some don’t care where it is from or what it tastes like as long as it wakes them from their slumber. I suggest giving the coffee a rest and trying some tea. I am sure you are thinking, “tea? what the fuck? Tea doesn’t give me the jolt of energy I receive from coffee!”, well you probably tried the wrong tea. Yerba Mate for example has some of the chemical compounds of cocaine, minus the nose bleeds & addiction. Yerba Mate has the ability to increase mental alertness and acuity without side effects such as nervousness and jitters. It seems to act like a tonic, stimulating a weakened and depressed nervous system and sedating an overexcited one. (via)

Yerba Mate is one of my favorite teas. Traditionally it is drunk out of a gord with a metal straw with a strainer at the end. The leaves are traditionally added to the water and the straw does the straining. When drinking loose tea there are several methods of brewing.

You can purchase a French Press to make large servings that can be refrigerated and re-heated for later use after your initial service or drank with a group.

If you are on the run and do not have time to brew tea by a traditional means throughout the day then try out a travel mug. This one allows you to add tea to the strainer and brews as you go. Another great selling point to drinking tea is that after one steep, you can step into a cafe or restaurant and refill your mug with hot water. The tea will generally still be good for another steep or two after your initial batch. You could also carry a small bag of loose tea in your messenger bag/travel case.

Cup by cup brewing can be done with a plethora of different gadgets, check out the ones below. Simply add loose tea and let steep.

This one sits right around the rim of your glass, just add hot water.

You can purchase almost any kind of tea online for a fraction of the cost of all those cups of coffee you’ve been buying monthly from the cafe or McDonalds. I have had good luck purchasing Mate HERE but there are many online retailers that sell a wide variety of teas. 1LB on THIS site is about $5. You can also purchase loose tea (as well as teas in tea bags) at most local food stores and bodegas. However, I feel that many times the pre-bagged tea is not as fresh or as potent.

Mate is not the only loose tea out there, it is just a personal favorite! Black teas are also an excellent choice when trying to find a coffee alternative. There are hundreds if not thousands of black teas and they all have enough caffeine to wake your ass up out of the bed. I recently purchased some China Rose that packs the caffeine punch with a very nice but not overwhelming rose flavor. Ultimately the tea you decide to drink is a personal choice, that reflect your personal palate of flavors. Spend five minutes on Google, figure out what you like and give it a try.

If you live in New York City, I would recommend Mcnulty’s at 109 Christopher Street for an excellent array of teas! They also do mail order.

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  1. everyday I drink at least a liter of ‘pure energy green tea blend’ (japanese sencha, ginger, ginseng and pineapple) – fuels me for lectures and work.

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