February 8, 2023

SXSW 2011 | streetshots of all the beautiful people

Risked my life getting that photo 🙂 […]

Ended up here the next day. This is the World Famous Stubb’s BBQ, a place where I have seen many shows and eaten even more ribs! Took my old friend Keaton out for some delicious grub on this beautiful day.

Whale Wars is definitely one of my reality tv guilty pleasures. Whoever edits that show could make the Easter Bunny seem like he was in constant danger while walking through a kindergarten class.


Hair Dye making a steady comeback…as well as feathers woven into braids…

These dudes were about to brawl because one of them took his costume just a little bit too far…

Flash Gordon kept the peace for all the party-goers.

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