February 3, 2023

Proletariat Randomness: Good and Bad

Here’s a bunch of stuff I have been meaning to post and I just never got around to it. Let’s start out with the good. My man Alex went to Jordan over Christmas and told me he would get a flick of himself holding a Proletariat sign for me. To be honest I have had mad people tell me they would do stuff like this for me, so usually I forget about it and I don’t blame them for forgetting either. Shit, it isn’t easy carrying a sticker or flyer with you on your holidaze. Then you gotta trust a gypsy to take your photo and not run off with your DSLR. So when someone comes through with a flick I get really excited. Especially when it is from a place I know I will never go. Such as the Treasury at Petra. The Treasury at Petra is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World alongside the Colosseum in Rome and the Taj Mahal as well as the Great Wall of China (we’ll get to that in a minute). Anyways, this place was carved directly out of the rockwall face and was an awesome center of activity back in the day. Read about it in Wikipedia because it is facinating. Also, if you are an Indiana Jones fan you will probably recognize this as a place where some weird shit went down. Anyways, props to Alex for braving the gypsies, the heat, and possibly some Nazi’s left over from Indy’s wake.

Next up we have the hookup from Thomas, our homey from England. Thomas has family in Boston and shows up like clockwork once a year to update me on his life as a struggling filmmaker in London. His brother speaks fluent Chinese so Thomas decided to accompany him on a trip to China, because Thomas is smart and too lazy to learn the language. Good job Thomas, I too am too lazy to try out that Rosetta Stone shit. Thomas hooked it up with the 3rd photo in our Seven New Wonders of the World Series with the Great Wall flick.

And thanks again Robert from Ireland for hooking it up with the Egyptian Pyramids flick that I need to find and upload. If any of you plan on heading to teh Taj Mahal, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, or Maccu Picchu let me know- I would love to see the end of this series of photos.

Now for the bad. Karmaloop is selling some biter ass shit from a brand called Kiser. I don’t know why I would expect anything else from a misspelled German Emperor, but once again there is no shame in the fashion industry. Thanks Hayden for pointing this one out for me.

And finally, let’s get to our good friend EVOKER. A few weeks ago, Kenji, Evoker, Joe, Justin, Stephen Konrads, and some others headed out for a good night of drinking. We had an awesome time, ate some Spike’s, soaked ourselves in cheap booze and headed home. Evoker ended up going to Kenji’s studio for a late night drunken paint sesh and didn’t go home until the next morning. Good thing he didn’t come home to this…

That’s right, while we were all out having a good time, Evoker’s apartment was burning down. Totally uncool. He had a few original Shepard Fairey’s as well as a Proletariat hoody-both irreplaceable and priceless! So, as part of the art community I propose we collect the dude an awesome house-warming or cooling gift. I’m gonna set up a box this Saturday where you can drop old markers, beers, porno mags, halfcans, old caps-whatever you think a decent artist needs to get by before he gets back up on his feet. If you have ever been kicked in the nuts like this you know how much anything helps.

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