February 9, 2023

Pro Keds

KEDS used to be kind of a wack brand. Only nurses and moms wore KEDS. Recently they redesigned their classic shoes into something a bit more modern. Above is the KEDS Chukka, a comfortable, lightweight, stylish shoe for the summer, fall or spring. I picked up a pair of these a few weeks ago and I plan on ordering a few more soon! We are not getting paid to write about these shoes so if you are tired of everyone rocking the same Vans and Converse (we also love both of those brands too) then pick up a pair of KEDS to mix things up a bit. I’ve been stopped wearing these a few times since I picked them up. KEDS has also sponsored the Whitney, bringing some cool art, music and shoes together. More details HERE.

P.S. KEDS, if you want to send us some free shoes, we will gladly wear them, or give a pair away on the blog!

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