February 1, 2023

Passion Pit & Kenji Nakayama in Tokyo!

For anyone who says nothing good ever comes out of Boston here’s a huge dick for your mouth! Two huge dicks actually! Our good friend Nate from Passion Pit was touring in Japan and our other good friend, Boston artist Kenji Nakayama, happens to be there thanks to a visa issue. So the two of them got to meet up and party like rockstars..literally. It’s really fucking awesome for me to see two friends who have really made something out of their unique talents and I am glad they got to chill out miles from home. Nate will be spinning at the Middle East this Friday and if you don’t have a Valentine’s gift for your sex partner bring him or her to Nate’s show! And if you are in the legal department of a certain Boston employer do the right thing and get our boy Kenji back to where he belongs…because if you don’t, you will be dealing with my special talent: BEING A LOUD, CONNECTED, BIG-MOUTHED MOTHERFUCKER. (I don’t care how many bridges I burn because I can swim)

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