January 28, 2023

My 15 Seconds of Fame | Boy’s Life Magazine


Back in 1989 I had my first big break; I was chosen as the cover model for the Nintendo issue of Boy’s Life Magazine. I used to have a friend who every time I went to his house he would direct whatever lady I was with to come look at his copy of me on the cover, with my skinny ass arms and a tennis ball duct-taped to my shoulder. I think he thought it was the ultimate cock-block but the ladies loved see me on the path to Eagle!


Later that year I nailed the cover of the Boy Scout Handbook, a guide that teaches kids how to tie knots and shit. Here I am “packing a sack” a term I never used again because an 11-year-old had no concept of how fucked up that sounds. Now if you are wondering how much I got paid for these shenanigans brace yourself…I got a hamburger. And as a kid that was like a million bucks.


If you want an autograph buy one here and bring it by the shop. I’m sure it will be a worthy investment!

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