January 28, 2023

MastaPness on PETROU\MAN & Undercover

Everytime a man caresses anotha man’s back and ejaculates in his asshole this outfit is produced. NEXT!

Tha only tang on this fool that don’t make me wanna gouge my own eyez out is da wife beata…but I’m ‘fraid if he took off tha jacket I’ll see somethan mo’ horrific than my gran givin’ my Pop Pop an r.j.

One of thoze cords must be long enuf to hang ya’self wit. It seriously painz me to kno that some1 paid fo’ this shit to be made. How much u get to put dis up on yo site HYPEBEAST? Ya fuckin’ greedy clownz!

Now onto HighSnobiety... Undercover Fall 2010 Bag Collection…

I’d like ta kno who hired thoze Peruvian flute playaz to design a messenga bag. Da brand iz called Undercover right? What da fuck is undacova bout dis shit?!?!? Tha only thang dis keeps you protect’d from is PUSSY!!!!!!! IF YOU SCARED OF DA PUSSY BUY DIS SHIT STAT!!!! YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TA WORRY ‘BOUT GETTIN’ PUSSY AGAIN!

I’d like ta say thanx to my boy Kerry for keepin’ me in the game, all my homiez in da joint – I’ll see ya soon enuf, and fuck all ya rich suburban fags ruinin’ hiphop/graffiti/sneakers/hats/xbox/jobs/and tha environment. I hope SHAMU eats yo ass at SeaWorld.

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