June 8, 2023

Living Off The Grid In Boston

Sometimes in life you just say fuck it. My wife and I have been talking for years about getting out of the city and having a bit of nature around us. When I was living in Allston I would sometimes go weeks without stepping on a patch of grass – in fact I think I saw more greenery in baggies than I did outside. So without much of a plan, Leslie and I sold our house and decided to just camp for a while.

This is pretty funny since my wife is probably the most well-dressed woman I know, and even her “athletic” shoes have a little heel on them. I’ve also always enjoyed nature from a window as opposed to living in it, but sometimes in life you gotta scare the shit out of yourself and just do something different. So…we bought an old-school RV, put all of our shit in storage (XBOX, Flatscreen, furniture, etc.,) and we just kept 2 bags each. One bag is personal items (laptops, books, paper) and the other bag has 7 days worth of clothing in it.

We also brought the 2 cats which was not my original dream, but it didn’t seem right to abandon them or leave them with friends. So now, I wake up at 8am, shower in a bathhouse, sit at my picnic table, drink coffee and chill before I come to work. At night I commuter rail it home, Leslie and I set up a campfire and we have some beers and just chill. So far so good. Here are a few flicks of the new whip!

Factoid # 1 : My new home cost me the equivalent of 2 months rent in Boston. And I own it.

9 thoughts on “Living Off The Grid In Boston

  1. Damn man, excellent call. I love stability, but that’s the perfect reason to shake the shit out of things.
    How has it affected your relationship with your wife? We’re very accustomed to personal space, but perhaps you simply step out of your home and into nature, which we all share?

    I’ve always thought that a mortgage and home ownership is a noose. You have no noose, your noose is paid and can fucking roll wherever.

    BUT WHAT ABOUT MISSING ALL NEW EPISODES OF JERSEY SHORE? Is there an all-night convenience store to purchase taquitos at 3am should you get an insatiable craving?

    I got a full weeks groceries into your messenger bag last night. This is a tall order, but any chance of a denim reissue? I was slow on the uptake, got black in my size but need blue to live a fulfilled life.

  2. @kyle definitely lucked out with my wife. She’s actually adjusting better than I am.
    @ethan not sure I am up to that level but for me it feels like it!
    @dynne you are spot on with the homeowner shit. It definitely felt good to call it my own, but that is a serious ball and chain. I think I will be renting for a LONG time after this. I’m definitely going through some tv and internet withdrawals but once you lose the craving you realize how much of the day you are truly missing…but I’m also not saying that we should go without forever, just for a little while. Glad to hear the bag is holding up. As for the denim, I probably won’t make any cut and sew until I get done with this project

  3. My wife and I just bought a sprinter….DIY RV. We’re in Boston for another 3 months…just wondering where you guys parked your RV? ilove2getspam AT gmail

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