February 5, 2023

5 thoughts on “Letters to myself while stoned…SOCIETY

  1. people being paid fairly? that’s called communism and that is why we have been threatening and acting on dropping bombs on people for 100 years now. This country would rather nuke anyone who challenges good old pull yourself up by the bootstraps than even consider the options. if you are poor or unfairly paid for what you do, then you should just get another job. at least that’s what the Bushs’ taught me, and that is what I believe (or not)……

  2. We’re all cogs in the same machine. value is assigned by wealth, but the guy who cleans the toilets at rest stops is pitching in just as much as Dr. Brain Surgeon. We’re all working towards improving the quality of human life, or just having more stuff to prevent us from thinking about how our lives are infinitely pointless. I’m not always sure which it is.

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