March 23, 2023

Letter to the editor

TTHU reader Hippy Mike wanted to share this with all of us. If you have any contributions to the blog, please hit us up here.

“I Fear Nothing”

A real story about retail hollywood and the cost of the dollar

“Have you been here before?”, said with a smile. “No, when did this store open?” “About a year ago, it’s really great!” “Wow! What do you guys sell???”. From anything, like shoes, to walk to a latte, to power you through searching for that new spring outfit, and some hand salts on the way if easily persuaded. Every mall, without disparity, fills everyday with green paper and plastic cards, led by people making purchases. Each purchase is transacted by another individual acting on their free will to earn money, which will lead to further purchases. And if earned money is determined by the number and amount of people’s purchases, a step in the wrong direction could quite easily put you in the spotlight. The shine of moneymaking. The sale you make is greatly affected by appearance of the store, and how the sales people act. Which is the lead act, as you are led through a show of what you Need and why you Need it. Chances are, you might not have even known the product existed! This is when the eagle swoops, a beautiful sight to see the great eagle deftly pick his prey from the constantly flowing stream. Eyes widen, sometimes in a stupor due to a quickly expanded mind, the prey is led to his own education in demise in a story of splendor. The talons draw no blood as the money is willingly spilled over the counter, granting the victim a consolation prize of delight. The eagle must not shed a tear for what he has done is compliant with necesity. Life feeding off life. Such is the sad way of the world, yet it becomes sport. The bigger the catch, the bigger the reward, and games ensue. How many? How much? How fast? Vampiric and evil, society and money were created by man, so far as we know, and man is dependant on it to sustain everyday life, regardless of other wants and desires. Without money, you have nothing. Home is a place determined by what you buy to live in. Food is bought or grown on land purchased. Communication is incredibly expensive. People in Verizon never look happy. Internet, phone, cable, even mail isn’t free. What is free? How can we be free if we need something so desperately that we must constantly toil and continue working until there is no freedom left. Your life is work, with small amounts of sleep and large amounts of caffiene. Will you ever not need money? Only the rich, and how did that happen? Inheritance. Only the luckiest of poor-born people make it to a point of not needing money. The perpetual bum, or the lower class of society, contains seldom stars that shine, whose value exceeds that of money. Like Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson; musicians and actors leave impressions on the world. Not commonly recognized as, but quite the actors, retail sales people leave a unique profound impression on a certain cinema of patrons. However, the inverse is rare. The awkward hello to names forgotten that remembered yours distinctly affects the psychi after fifty times a day. Thoughts of the impression left on normal everyday lives. Lives that come back to talk and see more, to know what you know is the crown of the kingdom. A high exalted honor, the natural salesman is taken aback by the wave he creates in the world, not knowing the depths of the game he plays, his mind reels like every person he pulls in the store, pulling himself closer to himself. Learning. Rewatching a neverending role, agonizing over every word and the possibility of the end, the outcome he would create. What deal had been signed? This was the devil’s work, but surely. How could it be otherwise? Do you say “I can’t take the pressure”, or do you realize you already signed the deal and took the dive, and now you must keep swimming. Swim towards the dollar, baby. You need it. It rules you. Almighty. Hail! Hail! Act like it doesn’t bother you. Smile. See? It’s ok. Wake up and earn another day. And when you die, there’s nothing left. What does money matter when you’re dead? Everyone should just pay their bills after they die, ha! “One hand washes the other.” It’s a night, what’s good people?
Hippy Mike.

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