February 5, 2023

Internet Beef | I think I hit a nerve

Remember this Twin Tigers video we posted a few days back? Well, I was looking over the comments section when I came across a guy who wanted to flex his thesaurus and try to reel in a nerdy chick.


Sorry Twin Tigers for fucking up your comment section!

5 thoughts on “Internet Beef | I think I hit a nerve

  1. You tell me the one who is self-involved and who doesn’t want to “insult someone on a public forum” after reading the comments… The interwebz are hilarious!

  2. i just masturbated and YES i cried and it was fuckin fantastic !!!!

  3. this dudes comments are vapid and doltish. his being is a misemployment of substance and his vindications are deplorable and imbecilic. oh yeah, and supercalifragelisticexpialedocious motherfucker!

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