January 28, 2023

Goodbye Adidas | Goodbuy Boston


As some of you may know, Adidas Harvard Square is the latest victim of the Recession. Most of you will probably not give a shit about a corporation leaving town, especially because they make millions worldwide, but Adidas was a major part of Boston’s underground culture. Everyone who worked there was a big supporter of the scene and was always spotted at all the local art shows and events. Ish, the store’s manager, made sure local dj’s got a place to play and got paid for it, and without Ish we couldn’t have had such a successful sneaker show, Snek Atak 2. I’m not sure where Ish is headed from here, but if you are looking for a kind, hard-working, efficient employee, look no further. I can vouch 100% for him. Seeing Adidas leave and Proletariat stay is very weird for me. I’ve watched a lot of stores go out of business this year (Re-Up, LAB, Technical, The Attic) and it is never a good thing. Friends lose their jobs, owners lose their dreams, and the underground culture just keeps on suffering as well. Before my friends closed their store LAB, there was a guaranteed good time at least once a month, a void that still hasn’t been filled. I’m 31, married, and generally content, so having one less event each month doesn’t really kill my social life, but for those of you who live here because you wanted to live in a world class city with cool stores and parties and restaurants, etc., you should be a little worried. You see, if you don’t frequent the places you like there will be no city. Yesterday, my wife wanted to buy a book for me and she looked it up on Amazon and of course it was cheap and easy to order, but she took the T to Trident and bought it there. I’m sure that $17 made a difference in their day and it helps keep a really original place’s doors open. Everyone I have talked to lately complains about not wanting to spend any money, which is totally fine, but

if you don’t want to spend money then why are you working so hard?

Personally, I work my ass off because I like things. I like to purchase coffee everyday. I like video games, art supplies and beer. I like to go see movies in 3D (even though the plots suck) and I like to grab some dinner with friends. If you like streetwear then make a pitstop at Bodega and buy some pretzels or sneakers or something. If you like cupcakes hit up local-legend Johnny Cupcakes on Newbury street—lord knows his rent must be retarded! If you need a bike or just a flat fixed check out Open in Somerville. And if you like vintage, graphic tees, skateboards, or art supplies I know a little shop in Harvard Square that just got restocked today 🙂

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Adidas | Goodbuy Boston

  1. Really well said. what not long ago was a flourishing scene appears to be headed in the wrong direction.

  2. Damn its sad to hear about adidas i loved that shop ish even gave me a free shirt once if i knew this would happen i wouldve wittered away all my savings keeping this store open and fresh kicks on my feet

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