February 3, 2023

From the readers of TTHU

First of all I would like to thank everyone for the good tidings they send Joe and I each week. Many of you have noticed that we have stepped up the bloggage, and we are glad you are enjoying it as much as we are. Here’s a few things we received this week.

First up a note from Keaton, our favorite college freshman in Manhattan. She writes: So you know how you think that if the us kept more industries & commerce domestic, the economy would benefit? Well that topic came up in my business class yesterday. Its called being protectionist(I think that was the term), and there is a reason that the us, isn’t very protectionist.
In order to generate goods in the most profitable way, we buy them from where they are made most efficently. If another country has the resources and facilities to produce something more quickly, and for less money, it is going to make it easier for the companies selling them in the us to meet their demands and profit the most from them. Then, when we spend money in other countries, we pay in dollars. SO, those countries now have dollars, rather than their own currency…and they have to spend it. Since we are the only country with dollars as our currency, they have to spend it here, and therefore invest in our economy, causing them to buy our exports etc etc. Example: in the 90s (or maybe it was the 50s), the us was buying a lot of stuff from japan, meaning that these japanese companies had lots of cashdollas to spend here in the us. They bought golf courses, exports, aswell as Rockefeller center. THEN ONE DAY their economy went down the shitter, and they had to start selling off these assets they had in the US asap in order to keep their companies afloat. Result: Rockefeller center was sold back to someone in the US for a fraction of what the japanese guy bought it for, and our country gained some extra $$ circulating in it. Now japan is considered protectionist, and they are not as powerful as they once were. This can be attributed to many things, but if they were investing more money into other countries, they may be a richer nation. Long story short; if we keep all of our money within our own economy, there is no way we can make more, but if we invest it in other countries’ economies, they in turn have to spend it here, which means they have to add to our capital. And voila, business lessons from keaton! Anyways, todays GPYOW (glorious picture of yourself on wednesday) was me reppin the olde habits hoodie dress! Which by the way is so not on the e-store!
A+ on the increase of bloggage.

Next up we have an image from ISH
ishproletariatpeopleApparently he was spotted at a dubstep show in NYC wearing the Juicers tee and no, he couldn’t feel his face.

Finally, we got an email from Greg St. Peter who wanted to share a few images. The first is the Pope on a condom, hahaha.
Funny thing is Leslie bought me this Pope condom when she was in France a few years ago and that is what inspired me to release these:
freebies with the Canorak” alt=”” />
Free Stuff with 378 Denim
Greg also sent this…

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