February 3, 2023

Farewell for Now | Kenji Nakayama


A few of us got together last night for a Bon Voyage party for our good friend Kenji Nakayama. Kenji is a fucking legend in Boston. He is our resident stencil-master in the local art scene, cranking out cuts that would blow a watchmaker’s mind. Kenji is taking a few months off to take care of his visa (thing from govt. that allows him to live/create in the USA, not his credit card) So like most friends do when they celebrate or mourn we went out to get drunk together.


For those of you who haven’t ever had a going away party, make sure you have it a few days before you leave…because you will have the WORST HANGOVER OF YOUR LIFE the next day!


It was also an art opening for some really talented artists who were selling paintings left and right! It was a really good time at the Good Life as usual. Thanks Peter! And Kenji, we all look forward to your coming back party!


4 thoughts on “Farewell for Now | Kenji Nakayama

  1. KENJI – we are going to miss you! Come back soon! We wish we could come to Japan with you! Say hello to EYEBALL for us!

    Did Kenji do the bird? The bird is AMAZING!

  2. yea eyeball is doing well, I took him a walk today and he was doing pretty OK on ice, however he didn’t shit, so I may have to take him out again for his business.

    Hope to see you both soon… but will keep you guys posted by then!

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