May 28, 2023

Dennis of REFUSED Reviewing Shitty Bands on StuffYouWillHate




This is literally one of the most entertaining articles I have read in a while.┬áDennis, of REFUSED, the Swedish Hardcore band reviews 8 crappy pop punk, “hardcore” and “metal” music videos. The first review really did it for me. Especially imagining it in a Swedish accent. Read an excerpt from this comedic mastermind, or rather, honest punk dude that doesn’t understand what the fuck is up with kids these days below:

“He is so angry at his girlfriend that he is screaming into the phone. There is something wrong with their haircuts, I dont understand. They are writing music on the tourbus, They get to go on tour. They are on the tourbus, They have tattoos. They play music for small children. One guy is sad, one guy is angry. I have no idea why they are so sad and angry. Are they politicial? Did their Facebook account crash? Did they realise that the music that they play is unlistenable?

If you’re not laughing, you’re either a Pierce The Veil fan, or you simply have no soul…which I guess is pretty similar. Click here to read the rest of the article over on

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