June 10, 2023

Christmas in NYC 2009

Leslie and I took a quick trip down to Manhattan to hang out with Joe and Lis and to steal some of that holiday spirit. I had never been to NYC this close to Christmas and it seemed like something fun to do. Place was crazy! I have never seen so many people pouring into stores begging to spend their money. It almost seemed like the lines you come across at Six Flags where you wait for 3 hours to take a 30 second ride. Anyways, we took some photos because I just got my G9 back from getting serviced. Man I love this camera.

Our hotel was next to Columbus Circle and since it was 12 degrees outside we cut through on more than one occasion. They had some nice decorations…


New York is fucking crazy. We stumbled upon this outdoor fair and it seemed like something out of a movie. There were huge generators set up and these people had rented and decorated booths that looked like mini-retail shops. You could get anything here and it was all vegan or organic or handmade or just plain nice. Good times…


We kept walking after a cup of hot chocolate through the snow in Central Park. I guess I used to watch too much SVU because Central Park always looks like a crime scene to me. (This photo is from the episode where a horse driver actually turns out to have a sex dungeon in a stable below the D train.)


Keeping with the theme of seeing the most touristy shit in New York, we headed over to Rockefeller Plaza (even those these fuckers tried to sue me a few months ago-long story).


Had to get some close ups of my lady…


Next we went to Bergdorf Goodman, famous for their crazy holiday window displays. I got some photos but they sucked compared to these…plus I was busy getting this flick.


Radio City Music Hall!


And finally, a nice Christmas Dinner. Freeman’s is a dope spot, but I have to say you are probably better off getting drinks and apps here, the main course was good, just small and a bit pricey.


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