February 3, 2023

Can You Identify This Street Art?

TTHU homey DYNNE sent me these flicks of a street art character that his girlfriend is in love with. He wants to find out if it has a name or if the person still does art, and just the general story behind it. I already asked my resident sticker experts LAZAR and EVOKER and they were about as useful as a condom machine in the Vatican! Just kidding guys. Anyways, maybe the TTHU population will be of some assistance. Let us know if you have seen this and if you know where it comes from, etc.

5 thoughts on “Can You Identify This Street Art?

  1. Yo happen to be reading this while I am home in Mass visiting with the folks, thinking about stopping in at Proletariat. Anyway this dude is from Indianapolis, I know because I just lived there for almost two years and saw his little winged homies all over the place. Also because CUE is one of if not the most prolific writer in Indy, so there’s no doubt that’s where the bottom flick is from. I forget the dude’s name though…he had a show at one point at this little street art gallery called Gnosis (formerly Alias), but it is no longer around, they went broke and had to shut down. I heard they might be reopening as a graff/skate shop in broad ripple, but I’ve since moved to Portland so I have no idea. Try throwing Indianapolis or Gnosis in your searches and you might come up with something

  2. Seems like this guy is too low profile. Could probably isoalte the character with photoshop, no?

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