January 28, 2023

Autocomplete Me | People Are Creeps


What the fuck is the matter with people? Seriously? “I accidentally slept with my sister” Does that mean she was just laying on your bed spread eagle and you slipped and your penis shot into her vagina where is remained stuck for the next several minutes?


Okay. This one is a bit more honest. “I gave my brother a BJ” Why are you typing that into Google? Are you waiting for the search engine to instill the discipline into you that your father didn’t? Is that why you gave your brother a Beeeej?


“When I talk to girls on Facebook they don’t answer me” _______ because you are a fucking loser that is trying to get some ass in the online world. Why don’t you stop getting off to Youporn, find a real life hobby and go interact with some ladies. Take a yoga class, skateboard, fuck, you would have better luck hanging out at the mall on a Friday night!

Autocomplete Me thank you for providing me with these search results!

2 thoughts on “Autocomplete Me | People Are Creeps

  1. I like “I gave up smokin women and drinking last night.” Seems odd to give up hot chicks and then not be able to fall back on the beer goggles…

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