March 23, 2023

Utah woman under investigation for calling Senator Hatch

Since I live in Utah now, I’m gonna do my best to start covering a few more specific Utah issues. So, concerned citizen Elise Lazar called her Senator Orrin Hatch’s office to see if she could schedule a meeting with him to discuss the Keystone Pipeline. Hatch’s receptionist asked Lazar what she wanted to do with the Senator and Lazar said she wanted to know when he would be in town and if he had any Town Hall meetings scheduled. The receptionist asked what Lazar wanted to discuss at said meetings and Lazar said “issues” because she knew if she said “the pipeline” Hatch, a notorious hardline Republican, would have nothing to do with her.

The next day Lazar got a call from the Capitol Hill Police in Washington D.C., and she has now been named a suspicious person. This shows how few people nowadays take part in so called democracy! A woman tries to find out when her Senator is available to speak and she is a “suspicious person?” And now she believes her phone is being monitored!!!

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