May 29, 2023

The Rumble 2012 is not working | #therumble2012 | FAIL

For those of you who aren’t sitting at home right now with a cold beer and good friends, waiting to log into the only debate that matters this election season, congrats, you are not disappointed. BUT, for the rest of us who have been looking forward to Bill O’Reilly’s brain exploding while John Stewart skull-fucks him – we are suffering utter disappointment. The Rumble 2012 is an internet-only streaming event that obviously the producers didn’t plan out properly. We spent the past 30 minutes refreshing and trying to log in to watch the event and all the servers are overloaded. Luckily, we are not alone in this. I hopped over to twitter to see what our more eloquent friends had to say about the rumble.

It seems like Nox Solutions, the company who is hosting/created the Rumble 2012 will have a lot of answering to do over the next few days. I’m not surprised there is a serious fuck up here, since the company is obviously in cahoots with Bill O’Reilly.

2 thoughts on “The Rumble 2012 is not working | #therumble2012 | FAIL

  1. Jon Stewart was wrong, you can make money selling crap, just set the price at $4.95. I didn’t time it, but I probably saw 45 minutes of a 90 minute show, the rest of the time was spend playing IT guy trying to figure out what was wrong.

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