December 6, 2022

Occupy Wall Street is BACK! #ows #americafuckyeah!

Nothing gets me up and going in the morning like some peaceful civil disobedience. While the OWS movement has been a major point of contention between everyone who hears about it, personally I am a huge fan of it – simply because it exists. After being an adult for well over 10 years, I am so fucking tired of intellectuals waxing poetic about how terrible the system is but then never lifting a finger to do something about it. Ivory tower motherfuckers! Then you get this rag tag bunch who learns on their own how to assemble, how to get legal help, they learn their rights and try to play in the system, they camp out for over a fucking year (even when everyone else goes back to work and school) they feed and clothe each other and they are welcoming to anyone and everyone who wants change and to be heard. Occupy, I am glad you are back! I hope the men and women who are running for president take note of your demands and treat you like they should – citizens with problems who want answers. Personally, I will be listening very carefully to what the candidates have to say about OWS and will vote accordingly. Also for everyone who thought OWS was a nuisance in their town, take note of how riots and protests go in every other fucking country in the world. OWS has done it right.

Check out some of the Occupy Wall Street Livestreams here:

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

And here is today’s planned resistance with a map of the events.

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